Legacy of the Asia Pacific Carbon Black Conference: Shaping the Industry for 30+ Years

Established in 1993 as the pioneering Carbon Black Conference in the Asia-Pacific region, the Asia Pacific Carbon Black Conference has evolved into an instrumental force in the carbon black industry, leaving an indelible legacy over the past three decades. As we approach the 15th edition in Kolkata in November 2024, let’s reflect on the transformative journey that began in Bangkok in 1993 and has since been a cornerstone for the industry’s growth, innovation, and collaboration.

Inception in Bangkok (1993): A Visionary Initiative

The inaugural conference in 1993 marked the genesis of a unique platform – The International Advisory Committee, dedicated to the carbon black business in the Asia-Pacific region. At that time, the industry’s value stood at $2.70 billion USD. Little did the pioneers know that this modest beginning would catalyse substantial growth, leading to a flourishing industry valued at over $14.9 billion USD in 2023*, boasting a remarkable annual growth rate over 30 years.


Biennial Gatherings: A Journey Across the Asia-Pacific Region

Over the past three decades, the conference has traversed the Asia-Pacific region, with events held in Taipei (1995), Phuket (1997), Tokyo (1999), Gold Coast (2001), Agra (2003), Suzhou (2005), Seoul (2007), Bangkok (2009), Singapore (2011), Taipei (2013), Yokohama (2015), Chennai (2017) and Bangkok (2019). Each conference served as a nexus for industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Driving Growth: Asia Pacific’s Unique Carbon Black Perspective

The growth rate of the carbon black industry in the Asia-Pacific region remains consistently impressive, almost doubling the global average. This trajectory can be attributed to the conferences’ role in serving as a vital, invisible source of growth for the carbon black business. The dynamic exchange of ideas, insights, and expertise at these conferences has played a pivotal role in steering the industry towards unparalleled success.

Advisory Board and Stakeholder Contributions: A Binding Force

The International Advisory Committee, comprised of esteemed members from carbon black manufacturing companies, suppliers, customers, universities, research centres, government institutions, and officials across Asian countries, has been a binding force for the organization. Their unwavering support, timely advice, and guidance have been instrumental in the seamless execution of each conference, contributing to the event’s enduring success.




* Polaris Market Research

Looking Forward: A Legacy Continues in Kolkata (2024)

Despite pandemic-induced disruptions, the legacy endures. The 15th edition in Kolkata in October 2024 is eagerly awaited, testament to the conference’s significance in promoting thought leadership, driving growth, and facilitating collaboration in the global carbon black realm. As participants converge, the conference promises to be a catalyst for further expansion and development, reinforcing the indispensable role of the carbon black industry in the world.

In conclusion, the Asia Pacific Carbon Black Conference stands as a testament to the resilience, innovation, and collaborative spirit of the carbon black industry in the Asia-Pacific region. The legacy forged over 30+ years serves as a reference for future generations, emphasizing the transformative power of knowledge exchange and collective efforts in steering an industry towards sustained growth and global prominence.